Commercial Extensions

We can build all types of commercial extensions to your existing commercial property or business.

A.T. Lee Commercial Extensions

Commercial extension projects for a range of businesses.

Commercial extensions are a part of our core business here at A.T. Lee. Not only do we plan and build home extensions but we also complete commercial extension projects for a range of businesses.

Commercial extensions also come in all shapes and sizes and come with their own range of considerations during the planning stages and throughout the project duration. We assure you that we will support and assist you during this technical process so that you don’t fall short of the essential planning and building regulations when considering your commercial extension.

Extensions That Blend

Our extension portfolio ranges cover all types of buildings and can be made from all types of materials. This makes it possible for your extension to blend in with your current property which makes it appear as one rather than an addition. We can also adapt new extensions to old parts of the building using our knowledge and experience.

There is a lot to consider when thinking about adding an extension to your commercial property. We have a vast knowledge of all the commercial processes involved. So if you are thinking of investing in adding size and value in the form of a commercial extension, we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

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