Timber Frame Builds

We specialise in these beautifully crafted energy-efficient structures built from timber frames.

A.T. Lee Timber Frame Builds

State-of-the-art timber construction designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

We are proud to be one of the leading construction companies to offer timber frame construction using all types of timber frame products. Our timber frame products are  designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Our timber frame houses come in all shapes and sizes and offer unique design elements throughout the whole construction. They can incorporate various features that make this sort of construction unique which can be built pretty much anywhere.

Timber Frame Construction

Our team of specialist timber frame craftsmen can advise you on what is required from start to finish to get your dream home planned and built. 

If you are considering a timber frame-built home, you can be assured that A.T. Lee can fulfil your requirements to the highest standards. Contact us for more information on our timber frame construction.

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